Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Sketch #6

This week our sketch #6 comes to us from our Canadian Dream Schemer, Deborah March of Nova Scotia. I interpreted it very traditionally as a cathedral arch and I think it is going to be a lot of fun to see what everyone else has done with it on the Dream Team. Just follow the names on the sidebar to the right to see their creations.

I started by dry embossing the cathedral window stencil (LG639) on an off-white cardstock by putting it through the Big Shot machine. If you want my instructions on how to do that without bending the stencil just email me and I will send you the step-by-step process. Then I took a sharp craft knife and cut out the outer shape and the windows so just the frame was left. The background paper was a piece of suminagashi marbled paper that my friend Diane Maurer showed me how to do. She is a marbler and artisan who has written several books on paper crafts. Two of her books, Decorative Paper and The Ultimate Marbling Handbook give instructions for this particular paper craft. They are both out of print, but if you are interested I think I can find some for you. She has done one other book called Marbling that has been out of print for several years and I have seen it sell for as much as 4x the original price. She has a web-site where you can view her creations. She also sells marbling tools and inks, books and collage pieces she has created with her papers. She still travels occasionally to give workshops too. 

After I mounted the paper in the window, I mounted the entire window on a piece of iridescent periwinkle colored paper that I had paste-embossed the "comfort" words (LG696) onto using the glossy green embossing paste (DGGP). While this paste was still wet I sprinkled it with a teal green microfine glitter from Art Institute Glitter. Then I cut another piece of off-white cardstock, the shape of the entire sketch, and mounted my window onto half of it to complete the card. Feel free to email me for the embossing machine instructions at

I have been struggling a bit with blogger the last couple of days, so if you have already been here to leave a comment I apologize, but am hoping you'll take time this week to join the team and make a creation for others to enjoy. Also if you get time be sure to visit and see the other creations, please leave them some creative love in the form of an encouraging comment. Thanks for stopping by to browse! Oops almost forgot to tell you our DVDs are now available at a store near you, if not you can find them at:


Louise said...

I still love your design today too! Have a great weekend.

Deborah March said...

Oooohhhh Lynell, this is SO beautiful!

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