Sunday, January 9, 2011

Harmony/Ink Transfer Technique

A lot of people see this technique and think it is done with the encaustic wax technique. But it is actually an ink transfer technique done with the Memory Mists sprays. This particular design is done with the colors Iced Coffee and Amaretto. Place the nautilus stencil (LM104) face down onto a paper towel and position this inside a large box. The box will keep the excess spray contained. Spray half of the stencil a couple of times with the Iced Coffee color and spray the other half of the stencil with the Amaretto color. Then have another paper towel set aside outside the box on a hard surface and very carefully pick up the wet inked stencil by it's sides and place it onto this fresh paper towel, (inked side still facing up). Now place a glossy piece of card stock face down onto this stencil that is loaded with the ink. Gently smooth the back of your hand across the back of this paper. During this process, the ink that was sprayed onto the stencil will be transferred to the card stock and any excess ink will be absorbed into the clean paper towel that is beneath the stencil. (Remember, don't press too hard.) Now remove the card to prevent it from sticking to the dry stencil. ViolÄ! The print that you get with this process is different every time. The swirls of ink and mixtures of colors will amaze anyone who receives these impressionistic art cards. Just one suggestion... if you have some prints where the ink seeps under the stencil and you don't like the results...I often reposition the stencil on the dried print and paste-emboss it. If you use the regular embossing paste (DEP) you can stencil with inks on top of the image, or you could stencil with the Metallic F/X powders as well... OR you don't have to add color at all to the paste. The small harmony stencil (LS51) is just paste-embossed with the Dreamweaver Matte Black Embossing Paste (DMBP). To find out where to purchase our stencils visit our site: and click on "Where to Buy". If you prefer on-line purchasing carries the full line of stencils and Memories Mists.

I also suggest that you visit design team member Louise Healy's blog (her name is on the sidebar to the right). She has done a variation with the sprays using regular cardstock. Always something new to be learned. Right?

PLEASE NOTE: The reason I use the Memory Mists sprays rather than some of the iridescent sprays that are on the market is that the Memory Mists are highly pigmented in comparison and your prints come out much sharper.


Marijane said...

WOW! This card is just gorgeous. What a great technique and the results must be so different every time it's done. I love variations on a theme, and the suggestion to try pasting over the complete image after it dries would surely give a different look altogether. I can't wait to try this.

MORMOR said...

I am so excited, really excited!! I have only occasionally received newsletters and updates from Dreamweaver, and yesterday was one of those days. My big discovery was that I never added you to my contact list so I am guessing many times you ended up in SPAM. That will happen no more.

About two years ago I became interested in scrap-booking and other paper crafts. I saw you on Scrapbook Memories, and I fell in love with the techniques and products you were demonstrating. I had no luck finding your products nor any place demonstrating. I have recently heard that there may be a place in St Charles, Il. that carries your items and does classes. Big excitement!

I look forward to receiving your newsletter more regularly now that I fixed my problem, and I shall also be checking out your DT.

Thank you for sharing by way of example and instruction.
I must say every example I have seen is beautiful. Sometimes they may not be what I would chose to make, but I still find them all beautiful works of art.

Barbara said...

I have tried this technique and end up with a smeary mess. I will try it again - I may be using too much spray. This is really pretty.

Marijane said...

This is in response to Mormor (above): If you live near St. Charles, IL you must visit The Cottage Stamper on S. 3rd Street. They not only carry a great selection of Dreamweaver stencils, pastes, etc. but Louise Healy (Dream Team member) is a guest instructor who teaches Dreamweaver classes that are THE BEST! The store also carries many stamps, inks and papercrafting needs. You can connect to Louise's blog by clicking the link above. Today's blog showcases her latest class. Maybe I'll see you there someday!

Kristi said...

OK...LOVE this. I adore the colors and the end result is fabulous. I did have a bunch of Memory mist but it got very dropped nad SPLAT! lol I do have some other spray inks so will have to play!

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