Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/ Announcing our winners!!! we have now entered into the month of February, and due to our riotous schedule this past week and the Dream Team's trip to our annual winter trade show...I've decided to post a couple more Valentines this week. We only had a handful of players this you may have counted, so we have decided that everyone is a winner.  Our fearless leader, Pam Hornschu, has found herself at the mercy of internet problems when she arrived home, and so I am the announcer of the news that ....HEY!!! EVERYBODY who joined our challenge by posting a Valentine card this month wins (I think there were four or five of you). So thank you...thank you...thank you, for playing along with the team for our Valentine's Day challenge and if you did so please email your snail mail addresses to my email: and I will send you the following stencils for your winning creations: 

Also I want to share with you another winning card...this one has been done by Sue Peterson and was waiting for me in my email when I got home tonight from CHA. Remember I told you if you don't have a blog that you can send me a photo of your card and I will post it for you. She has taken me at my word and emailed me her image to join our Valentine's Day challenge. THANK YOU Sue!...a lovely card by the way, done with the heart and rose stencil (LL425) using the double glitter technique and she even paste-embossed the dot stencil (LJ804) using glossy black paste (DGKP) on a red cardstock to create the beautiful background.

The Valentine you see here was done by my husband Wayne. He is a wonderful artist and as you may have heard he has been doing some Zentangle work lately. To begin this work he traced our large heart stencil (LJ834) onto a bubble paper I created as a background. Then he drew the patterns inside the heart with a Sakura micron Pigma pen (01). He finished the design by drawing a small scalloped design on the very outside of the stencils edge for the effect of eyelet lace.

Be sure to visit the blogs of the Dream Team (their links are listed below) ...many of them were at CHA and yet will be posting for our new challenge for the month of February. Which is Go Green or Go Bragh in honor of the upcoming month of March, so you can translate that literally or figuratively! Post to Mr. Linky throughout this monthly challenge:


Louise said...

This card is amazing! I kept going back to it at the show because it has such a dimensional feel! Beautiful Wayne and it was great to meet you

Anonymous said...

I love the card Wayne did and how did I miss it at the show???! Wow, I must have been busy or something.

Kristi said...

Wayne is so amazing! I also love the card emailed by sue! LOVE glitter...shocking. Congrats to all that played...tell your friends!

Caroline D. said...

How fun was it to read that all the entrants won the challenge!!?!! I sure am glad I entered! :o) The prize stencils look wonderful and can't wait to play with them. Thank you!! :o) I sent an email to Lynell with my addy. Both Sue's card and Wayne's card shown here are awesome!

Pam Hornschu said...

Sue, this is fantastic! Love all the layers and details. Hope to see more from you posted here!

Wayne, as usual, you are my Zentangle hero! Love this beautiful card.

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